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Drug Dealer is a game where you want to earn 10.000 € in the shortest time. You do this by selling drugs to people who contact you. They will suggest a price and you can plan a meeting with them. But remember, sometimes it's too good to be true, it may be an undercover police. They will often target more expensive and stronger drugs, and they tend to pay more. Pro tip: wait until you have a weapon before you start trading the strong ones :)

+ WASD to move, in combination with SHIFT to sprint.
+ LMB to shoot, aim with mouse pointer.
+ E to open your inventory.
+ B to open the equipment shop.
+ M to open recieved messages.
+ RETURN to interact with buildings and buyers.

Tools Used
+ Unity3D 2017.2
+ Visual Studio 2017
+ Photoshop CC

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